Saturday, July 16, 2011

Forgetting Regret....

"Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable."

Well..we meet yet again. Previously, I had blogged about removing a tattoo that I didn't want anymore.  Then I wrote another about a goal I am holding on to with the tips of my fingers.  These go hand in hand, friends, because my tattoos are actually keeping me from reaching said goal.  Now, I am still not prepared to share this secret goal  but I will say that, today, I am taking the first official step to getting my tattoo removed.

I must warn, however, that it's not exactly a traditional tattoo removal.

I may have mentioned that we are currently building our own house.  Now, it's nothing fancy & is actually smaller than our first apartment (975 square feet) but we know making these sacrafices right now, pinching every penny, asking for help from family, etc., is going to pay off once we have it built & move in.  Then once we both start school, it'll be great to not have rent or worry about payments.  If there's anything my husband is great about, it's money management and I thank God that he left the Marine Corps with zero debt.  Everything we own, from our couch to our car, was either paid in full or got completly paid off before coming into the civilian world.  Therefore, the only payments we'll ever have is utilities and, of course, the basic needs.

Because of this, it's near impossible to afford those $300 a pop laser tattoo removal treatments.  And because we're on a tight schedule with school, kids and my goal timeline, I don't have time to sit on with creams & the like.  Other methods of tattoo removal are incision, cutting it out, or dermabrasion which is basically like having a professional sand it off.  Originally, that was the option we were going for (we being my husband and I ) but, to be honest, the fear of infection, not to mention lack of anastesia, really turned me off.

Ironically, the method we have now chosen is considered the most "barbaric" manner in which one can remove a tattoo at home.  This method is called "Salabrasion" and it's still like sanding it off but with salt.  Basically, my husband will clean the tattooed area, get it wet, pour salt over it and then rub the heck out of it until it's gone deep enough to reach the ink (about 45 minutes - 1 hour).  I'm lacking a few details here but I'll get more into the process some other time.  I should mention that infection is still possible but, rest assured, this isn't something we just cooked up & decided to try.  We've been researching, planning, reading and preparing for several weeks.  I also consulted a dermatologist who explained the process of salabrasion; the oldest method of removing a tattoo.

I have never had any type of tattoo removal procedure so I can't say how they work or if they work but I do know that, for me, this is a great option.  I really don't mind the scarring & actually much prefer it over my tattoo.  Other procedures which people pay thousands for can still cause scarring but, again, I don't know anyone personally who has used any of the aforementioned methods used for removing tatts.

I will be updating my blog, probably with pictures.  The first ones will probably look a little gruesome and bloody but I'm warning you right now so be prepared.  I am oddly excited and can't wait to get started TONIGHT.

Wish me luck & please pray for a quick, infection-free recovery.

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