Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Post-Salabrasion - UPDATE!!


So, I got a message recently about posting update salabrasion pictures.  I want to apologize to that person....SO very sorry.  We were in the middle of mid-terms, now we're closing in on finals and I've just been WAY busy.  Really, you have no clue but I thank you for understanding.

I mentioned to that person that, once classes started, I realized I wasn't going to be able to keep up with this blog.  I just don't want to delete it because of that info on salabrasion.

Because it's been a minute, I forgot what pictures I've posted so I'm just gunna go ahead and post.  Sorry if they're repeats. :)

Ok, this was a few days after the "procedure".  It was very sore and raw.  I took pain medication for about 2 days afterwards.  We were constantly dressing and re-dressing the area.  I made sure not to get it wet, sweaty or dirty.  We'd really just put a disinfecting cream, and cover it.  This was on my neck so my hair would get the tape was a pain (annoying).  I admit, I was worried when I saw that the tattoo was still visible like this.  But it DOES start fading.  I actually think that our re-dressing it actually slowed the scabbing process but who knows.

This was about 2-3 weeks post-salabrasion.  You can see it had started to scab (crucial to healing) but this was honestly the worst!  It got SO itchy!  You know how you scab your knee or elbow and you want to scratch or pick at it?  Ok...imagine wanting to pick and scratch this big area!  I caved 2-3 times and I even feared my scratching would lead to an infection but, thankfully, everything was fine.  Still, one must be prepared for this.  It NEEDS to scab....NO scratching!!

Sorry for the size on this one (above).  This was almost 2 months after.  Still visible and actually, still healing at this point.  You see that it hasn't actually started to "scar" yet.  The layer of skin is forming here, making it looks glossy but this isn't the scarring yet.  It's still fading too.

From this point, I sort of stop taking pictures.  I know I have more but I cannot find them. :(  However, let me explain that the tattoo keeps on fading for several months.  I believe it completely healed and scarred at about month 4.  It's not been well past the half year mark and this is what it looks like now:

I doubt it's going to fade any more than this.  As you can see, someone missed a little piece but that's okay.  This is with ONE salabrasion treatment, less than $30, but very painful and not for the faint of heart.  This is WITHOUT any sort of fading cream.  I am going to start using one this week to get rid of what's left.  Honestly, we'll probably do one more session just on that little piece.

I knew I would scar badly but I preferred that over the tattoo.  I've got things to achieve and it was holding me back from a particular goal.  I can now move forward.  I do not regret doing this at all.

Questions?? Feel free to message me!  I'll do my best to respond asap!


  1. thank you very very much for sharing your experience

  2. Can you upload a photo of what it looks like now? Thanks

  3. Do you have to heat the water with the salt or can it be any temperature

  4. Wow you are brave...thanks for sharing your experinced....

  5. Hello Judy,
    I hope this finds you well! My name is Raina, and I work for a health talk show on CBS. We are interested in getting your permission to use your pictures. Do you have an e-mail where I could contact you further about this and give you more details? Thank you for your quick response!

    1. I'm planning on starting the process soon, hopefully video documenting the process.

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  8. Hopefully you have finished that 2nd session. I am coincidently in the exact same situation as you! Even my tattoo is at the exact same place as yours. Only mine is a smaller and lighter one. (Didn't want to spend too much, Thank God! ;) ) What are you going to do about the scar? It looks awful (Just being truthful)

  9. I just did this seven days ago on a tattoo I got on my breast. This method of tattoo removal is definitely not for the faint of heart lol. The pain I felt the day after was beyond horrific, I thought I was gonna pass out lol.
    Thank you for this very insightful and helpful blog. I was looking for blogs that had women who had went through this salabrasion procedure and your blog was the only one, thanks a lot.
    I took pictures of what it looked like right after and some more just a day ago. I was thinking about posting my healing progress for people who want to know how it looks on darker skin tones. Thanks once again for documenting your experience and sharing it.

  10. Could you post a pic of what it looks like now that it's been about 5 years? I'm curious to see how much the scar has faded.

  11. Hi I have done salabrasion and dressing it every alternate day after how many days should I stop dressing it.

  12. Hi I just did some on mt finger and

  13. hi, I've finished 1 session today on my left hand (lettering on my fingers) and it's not that bad. I'm hopeful my attempt will leave noticeable results after scabbing/ healing processes.

  14. Hi Judy,
    I recently just did a salabrasion myself like about 3 days ago. I was wondering after how long did you stop re-dressing the tattoo? I've been doing mines since I started and every time I remove the gauze pad I see it hardening idk whether I should keep doing what I'm doing or stop dressing it after the 3rd day? And I agree very painful but hopefully worth it for me at the end. Thanks for sharing your experience very helpful you actually convinced me to go along with it :)